Sunday, August 11, 2013

Introducing: Stylish Chef Sunday

Welcome to the Three Friend's first Stylish Chef Sunday! We are collecting some of our favorite items to share with you in hopes that you will enjoy them on your own culinary adventure. Here are things we can't live without this week:

CUTCO Chef's Knives
I have two of these and I'm planning on getting some more. They are my all purpose knives. I use them to cut and chop everything from onions to meat. I smash garlic with them and slice watermelons. They are the perfect size!

Magnetic Spice Tin
I had a metal board made to go on the wall in my kitchen just for these jars. Now my spices and dried herbs are always at hand, ready to shake, pour or scoop. I've labeled each jar and alphabetized them all to make finding what I need easier.

Anthropologie Chalkboard Spice Jars
For spices I use a lot of, like cinnamon or smoked paprika, I needed bigger containers than the magnetic spice jars. These jars from Anthropologie are perfect. They hold more in style. And the chalkboard labels make identification easy. I love the colorful tops and the vintage look.

Olive Oil Bottle 
This tall olive oil bottle with a pouring spout makes it easy to drizzle olive oil. We use it at the stove and at the table. I like its tall, slender shape.

All of the opinions expressed are solely of the Three Friends. No one contacted us to promote these products. We just love them and had to share!
Three Friends and a Fork
Three Friends and a Fork

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