Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Finishing Up Where We Left Off...

Last week I told you about our trip to Fayetteville and Lynchburg, TN and our lunch at Okra.  But our day didn't end there...we had to get home!  And trust me...just the process of getting home was an adventure all its own.  Sherri had made it quite clear that she did not want anyone to mention going to Sir's Fabrics while we were in Fayetteville.  It was hard!  Lu and I really were itching to check out the fabrics, especially since Sherri didn't want us to, but every time we cut our eyes in the direction of the fabric store, Sherri glared at us.  Just the fact that Sherri was making us miss an opportunity to look at the fabrics made us want to find a way to annoy her.  Surely we could find something to do that would annoy her as much as fabrics!  We headed home with thoughts of mutiny and revenge...but we still headed home.  Our route home took us through Meridianville and Huntsville.  I remembered there was an episode of Restaurant Impossible (on The Food Network with Robert Irvine) that featured a restaurant from Meridianville and I was pretty sure it was right on our road.  We were toying with the idea that we needed dessert since we had passed on the Krispy Kreme bread pudding that was offered at Okra.  At that point we were just too full, but by the time we got to Meridianville we were wishing for a little something sweet.  So...we started looking for the Meridianville restaurant which, at the time the show aired, had been called The Main Dish.
I knew the restaurant had been sold, but did not know the new name.  We were looking, but we were completely through Meridianville and did not see it, so we turned around. It does not take too long on that particular stretch of road, to be in and out of Meridianville before you realize you have left town. There was this one building that I thought might have been the featured restaurant, but I couldn't be sure.  We went back through Meridianville AGAIN and still couldn't be sure.  I really can't remember if we did this 3 or 4 times...we were beginning to look suspicious...and ridiculous!  We ended up pulling into the parking lot of the building I had thought might be the one I had seen on television and I pulled out my phone, googling the Meridianville episode.  Sure enough, we were in the parking lot of the right building, but it was renamed JoJo's was out of business.  I swear, if a man had been with us he would have thrown himself out of the car window at this point!  Striking out in Meridianville, we headed on to Huntsville and lo and behold, what did we spy?  Yes!  Vengeance was ours...well, mine and Luanne's at least.
Bennett's Nursery

We were driving right by Bennett's Nursery and Lu and I decided we just had to stop and get lemon trees.  I know, random!  Luanne also wanted a pomegranate tree.  We wheeled in on two wheels and hopped out before Sherri could yell at us.  After strolling around, looking at all the beautiful plants, Luanne and I left with two Meyer lemon trees.
Meyer Lemon Tree

The lemons look like limes right now.
Bennett's had pomegranate trees, but they were a little pricey, so we passed on those.  Actually, I think Sherri didn't mind the nursery too much.  Too bad!  We were aiming to have her begging for fabric stores!  Back in the car, headed into Huntsville and we each still had a sweet tooth.  Sherri said she wanted a strawberry shortcake.  I yelled at Siri to find me a place in Huntsville that served key lime pie and Lu wasn't quite sure what she wanted. (Siri couldn't understand me and kept trying to send me for a pizza. I wish I could get a Siri who speaks Southern.)

Suddenly we saw a place called City Cafe Diner. We had all seen it before; none of us had ever eaten there.  Were we game?  Was this place called a cafe/diner because it was trying to cover all bases?  What exactly was this place?  Should we? Sure, why not? It was an adventure, after all.  We walked in and saw a case filled with was looking promising, but I was still a little skeptical.  Do they make these desserts here or do they come premade?
Key Lime Pie

Strawberry Shortcake

Baklava Cheesecake
The host assured me that all desserts were made in house.  Ok. Sherri spied a strawberry shortcake and lo, and behold, there was a key lime pie!  We were all in now!  The waitress showed us to a booth, gave us a menu and took our drink order...waters all around.  As I'm looking at the menu, I noticed this was no ordinary cafe/diner, if there is such a thing as an ordinary cafe/diner.  There were a lot of Greek dishes on the menu.  That was a big surprise, because neither the name of the restaurant, nor the appearance, hinted at it's Mediterranean roots.  When our waitress returned, I ordered my key lime pie, Sherri got her strawberry shortcake, and Luanne (going with the Greek theme) ordered a baklava cheesecake.  As soon as the desserts arrived, we each had to sample them all.
Richi's Key Lime Pie

Sherri had mutilated her strawberry shortcake by the time we remembered to take a picture.
Lu's Baklava Cheesecake

 All were good.  Sherri's shortcake was light and airy, not too sweet, just as she likes her desserts.  Luanne's cheesecake was dense and rich with a crunchy, honey baklava on the top and the bottom.  My key lime pie was light and creamy, very tasty, but I am still not convinced that the graham cracker crust was made from scratch. It was a little too perfect, if you know what I mean.  We voted for our favorite with Sherri sticking with her choice and Luanne and I both voting for the key lime pie.  None of us could finish our desserts.  They were huge, so we asked for containers to take the remainders home with us.  Back in the car, we headed home, laughing, talking and planning our next outing.    Until next time....
                                                                            Richi, Sherri, Lu

We were all happy with our desserts, so the City Cafe Diner gets  3 Yums Up for desserts.

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Three Friends and a Fork
Three Friends and a Fork

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