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Here Come the Food Trucks!

When our friend and fellow foodie, Dawn, called up with an invitation to attend Huntsville's Food Truck Rally, you know we couldn't jump in the car fast enough.  We weren't sure what to expect, but we knew we would have fun finding out.

Church Street, where the event was to be held, was completely blocked off to vehicles, so we found a parking spot close by and sashayed over to Church congratulating ourselves on being early for a change.  Early!  This is the sight that met us as we neared the Rally entrance...

Dear heavens!  It does us absolutely no good to arrive early if everyone else has to outdo us! We could not believe the crowd!  Our first thought was to walk the entire length of the rally to get the lay of the land.  As we did so, we noticed that several very long lines had started to grow in front of many of the food trucks.  We also checked out the creative logos and truck designs.  Trucks with names like The Peppered Pig, The Rollin' Lobstah, and I Love Bacon grabbed our attention right off the bat.  There were also non-truck vendors such as Piper and Leaf who set up a tent and a table and The Food Fighter's Bustaurant, selling out of a bus.  The Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza had an actual brick pizza oven on site. Other vendors included Belle Chevre, Bigfoot's Little Donuts, Crave Heat, Dale's BBQ, Dallas Mill Deli,  Food Fighters, Highbrow Cold Brew Coffee, Ice Works, Lake Guntersville Ice Cream Shop, Mason Dixon Bakery, Meaux's Sno Balls, Neon Lilly, On-On Tacos, Pigtime BBQ, Rocket City Espresso, Rocket Dogs, Sugar Belle and The Food Truck. So you can see, our work was cut out for us!  How on earth would we ever decide which of the long lines to join?  We made our way to the opposite end of the line of vendors and finally came up with a plan.  Based on our observations, we chose 3 of the trucks and decided to split up.  After making our purchases, we would get back together and sample all of our selections. 

Dawn headed for The Peppered Pig, Lu joined the line in front of I Love Bacon and I scurried over to the Rollin' Lobstah.  We were like the Three Bears.  Dawn was in line for a wee little time.  Lu's line was middle sized and I withered away in a great loooooooong line! By the time I got the lobster rolls, the food Lu and Dawn had gotten was stone cold!  

Even though our plan wasn't quite flawless, the food was all tasty and we enjoyed our samples.  Here's what we had...

Dawn got Pig Mac from The Peppered Pig.  This was fried squares of macaroni and cheese topped with a sweet pulled pork.  That pulled pork was my favorite bite of the night.  
Waitin' in line at The Peppered Pig...

Pig Mac

Lu got a sandwich called The Carlos Santana from I Love Bacon.  This sandwich was described on the menu as a chiveto, the national sandwich of Uruguay.  It included grilled flank steak, bacon, ham, mozzarella, fried egg, lettuce, tomato and smoked mayo.  I am suspicious that ours did not include the smoked mayo, however, since No Mo Mayo Lu was ordering!

The Carlos Santana
Queso mac and cheese topped with bacon and jalapenos
I ordered two different lobster rolls from the Rollin' Lobstah.  The Connecticut was a hot lobster sandwich with a butter sauce.  The Maine was a cold lobster sandwich with a bit of lemon mayo.  Obviously, Lu did NOT sample this one! Both sandwiches came with homemade potato chips which were wonderful.  And the sandwiches themselves? They were both great...and filling!  They were small sandwiches, so we were surprised at how stuffed we were.  Dawn said she liked the hot sandwich best, but I think I might have liked the cold one a bit better. 
This is the line that doesn't end...yes it goes on and on, my friend!
Some people started standin' there not knowing what it was.
And they'll continue standin' there forever just because...
This is the line that doesn't end....

Rollin' Lobstah baskets

We each also enjoyed an entire quart jar of artisan tea from Piper and Leaf.  Dawn had a berry brew, Lu had a sassafras and I had a spearmint variety.  We loved our refreshing tea! Aren't the jars cute?

Left to right: Sassyfras , Briar Patch and Front Porch Special

Lu and Dawn also snagged a couple of desserts from Honey Pie Bakery for us to sample.  One was a chocolate brownie peanut butter pie called, "Will You Be My Brownie?" and the other was their signature Honey Pie made with walnuts and "sparkles and magic" according to the Honey Pie website.  Dawn doesn't like nuts of any kind, so she obviously preferred the brownie.  (I's kinda nutty not to like nuts!  It might be as strange as not liking condiments!) Lu and I loved the honey pie.  

Honey Pie
Won't You Be My Brownie?

As we finished, we decided to sample one more goodie from the food bus called the Food Fighters Bustaurant.  We had heard people talking about how delicious their food was.  But... we sidled up to the bus only to find out they had sold out of everything!  I think next time we'll hit them up first!

Food Fighter's Bustaurant

It was a fun night, but there was too much food and too few of us.  We also missed the farmer's market that was going on simultaneously, so next time we want to  make time for that, too.  Since we were newbies, we were also unprepared for the concert.  Lots of people were bringing blankets and lawn chairs to sit on while they ate and listened to the bands.  

Folks enjoying their tasty selections on the banks of the Big Spring.

Additionally, there was a brew fest going on nearby so people could sample some of the locally brewed artisan beers.  
The rally, which began in April, will be held the 3rd Friday of each month until October. If you get a chance, check it out.  Just know the lines will probably be long, so bring your patience with you!

Three Friends and a Fork and our foodie friend, Delta Dawna, give Huntsville's Food Truck Rally 
3 Big Wheelin' Yums UP!

Peppered Pig on Urbanspoon I Love Bacon Truck on Urbanspoon Rollin' Lobstah on Urbanspoon Piper & Leaf Artisan Tea Co on Urbanspoon
Three Friends and a Fork
Three Friends and a Fork

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