Saturday, August 23, 2014

Swing Lowe!

Have you been to Lowe Mill yet? If not, you should definitely swing by.  This old cotton mill in Huntsville just southeast of downtown has been converted into a home for arts and entertainment and is billed as the Southeast's Largest Center for the Arts.

Enjoying Tea and chocolates!

The only reason I found out about Lowe Mill was because I was on a quest for tea.  After sampling that wonderful tea from Piper and Leaf at Huntsville's food truck rally, I was desperately wishing for some more. After doing some online research, I noticed that Piper and Leaf had a shop in Lowe Mill. I wasn't sure what Lowe Mill was, but Scott knew, so off we went. When we pulled up to the old cotton mill, we were a bit confused as to where to start looking for Piper and Leaf. No worries! The tea peddlers are almost the first shop you find when you leave the parking lot.  The shop is tiny and there were a couple of customers ahead of me so I looked around, checking out all the tea flavors and the eclectic decor.

When it was my turn at the tea bar I quickly asked for the Front Porch Special which is a blend of Earl Gray tea, jasmine and spearmint.  I had guzzled a gallon of this tea at the food truck rally.  One of the guys working there told me this was their most popular flavor. I absolutely love the quart sized canning jars they serve the tea in. They come with screw on lids with a hole in the tops for straws. How often do you go into a restaurant and wish they would just bring the pitcher? That's kind of what this is like because a quart of tea is a lot of tea! I left Piper and Leaf with my jar of Front Porch Special and a bag of the same blend of tea and spices for brewing at home. I will tell you that my brewing at home is not as good as Piper and Leaf's brewing, but it carries me through until I can get to Piper and Leaf again.

We left Piper and Leaf and meandered on through the old mill. That is when I made another happy discovery...chocolate!  Tea and chocolate, does it get any better?  Not for me! Pizelle's Confections has some of the prettiest and tastiest handmade truffles around.  With names like Green Dragon, Depth Charge and Sexyback and flavors such as cardamom, local stout and chipotle, I was overwhelmed in a very good way!  Since making decisions is not my long suit, I opted for a box of 12 different truffles so I could try one of almost every kind they had in the case. 

From left to right starting at the top, here's what I got...
Top row: Afternoon Delight, Sureshot, Steel Magnolia, ?, Depth Charge
Bottom row: Date Night, Goodbye Earl, The Holy Trinity, El Machete, Nut Job, 7th Street Truffle and Green Dragon.
The only one I can't remember the name of happens to be the one I loved the most. The fourth one on the top row with the flowers. Maybe someone from Pizzelle's will come on here and tell me what it is. It was slightly spicy and oh, so good! 

Rob waiting in Pizzelle's.
The Steel Magnolia was so cute I almost hated to eat it...almost!

With chocolate and tea in hand, we decided to scout out the rest of Lowe Mill to see what we could discover. We took this old cotton elevator to scope out all three floors.  See my friend on the elevator. He posed for me. We decided he looked like he was behind bars!  I loved the old elevator. It gives the whole place lots of personality.

I'm not sure what that old piece of equipment is, but I love that Lowe Mill is embracing its roots by leaving these pieces in place. The floors of the old mill are filled with vendors, shops and artists of every imaginable kind. We saw textile art, jewelry, paintings, name it! If it is art, Lowe Mill probably has it. 

I also understand Lowe Mill has classes, workshops, comedy, theater and concerts. I clearly need to make a return trip to Lowe Mill!

Three Friends and a Fork give Piper and Leaf and Pizzelle's 3 Creative Yums UP!
Three Friends and a Fork
Three Friends and a Fork

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  1. The spicy truffle that you had was the Drop It Like It's Hot, which was only available in early summer, while the strawberries were in. It was a layer of strawberry pate de fruit and a layer of milk chocolate ganache infused with ghost pepper, all dipped in dark chocolate. We're so glad you enjoyed it all!

  2. Thanks so much, Caitlin! I love the name, Drop it Like it's Hot and I loved the truffle! Ghost that's where the spiciness came from! I will look forward to next summer when I can have another or another dozen! :)

  3. If you find yourself in Madison and need some Front Porch in a hurry, Grounded Coffee just started serving Piper and Leaf in their shop! It's on County Line near the Publix, and they have a drive-through!