Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hooray for Bouré: Oxford Part 2

Our second day in Oxford, Mississippi found us once again back on the beautiful downtown square. Not only did we want to see the square in daylight, we also wanted to visit some of the cute shops. And, of course, we could not pass up another opportunity to check out the local grub. That is how we found ourselves at Bouré. 

Bouré is the brainchild of Chef John Currence and his New Orleans roots are definitely showing with menu options like shrimp and grits, pasta jambalaya, poboys and crawfish everything. Bouré is housed in an old drugstore and its high ceilings and big windows give it an airy, open feel, while dark wood all around makes the space feel warm and cozy. 

This hungry group started our meal with not one, but two appetizers. That was fine with me because I often find that the appetizers are my favorite part of any meal. These appetizers did not disappoint! First we had a crawfish au gratin with toasted French bread. It was creamy, crawfishy goodness. We ate it all and I think there might have been more than just a little jostling for dip position.

Then, we did a double dip with a roasted jalapeño cream cheese topped with grilled peach and bacon chutney and served with pita chips. Shut up! This stuff was righteous!

There were six of us, but only four different entrees. That is because three of us could not resist the Peacemaker, which was a giant poboy stuffed to overflowing with crispy fried shrimp, crawfish and oysters, fully dressed with lettuce, pickle and tomato and drizzled with remoulade sauce. It was out of this world! Only our sides differed here, with Missy choosing the potato salad and Anna and I adding some beautiful sweet potato fries.

Rob's also got a poboy, but his was a rib-eye version with grilled onions, horseradish cheddar, rosemary mayo, arugula and tomato. It was accompanied by a cup of pan gravy and hand-cut French fries. He ate every bite!

Kathy selected the Bouré salad, a bed of fresh, crunchy romaine topped with herb grilled shrimp, grape tomatoes, bacon and toasted walnuts and bathed in a citrus thyme vinaigrette. The salad was supposed to also come with red onion and blue cheese, but I am pretty sure Kathy nixed those two items.

 Jake chose the chicken carbonara which was fettucini tossed with a creamy parmesan sauce, topped with chicken and bacon. I am pretty sure Jake had them leave off onions and peas. It looked good, anyway.

Bouré was a perfect end to a perfect trip. Well perfect if you don't count the fact that we almost ran out of gas because we could not find any open gas stations or at least open gas stations with actual gas! And google got us lost (it was totally NOT our fault) and added an extra thirty minutes to our trip home. But, I didn't mean to mention all of that!

 Three Friends and a Fork, three brilliant seniors and three proud moms give Bouré three delicious Yums UP! Hotty Toddy, everybody!

Three Friends and a Fork
Three Friends and a Fork

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