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Is This Burnt Almond Torte the Greatest Cake America Has Ever Made?

Just the other day, I ran across an article by Julie R. Thompson of The Huffington Post. The article was entitled, "Thank You, Pittsburgh, for the Greatest Cake America Has Ever Made". That is a pretty bold statement! Bold enough to get my attention. I mean, I am from the South. We KNOW how to make cakes. We learned from our mamas and grandmamas and they learned from the mamas and grandmamas before them. Heck, we have invented or perfected some of the finest and most original cakes known to America. Red Velvet Cake, Hummingbird Cake, Italian Cream Cake, Lane Cake, Caramel Cake and Coconut Cake, just to name a few. So, when someone tells us they have found the greatest cake in America, well, we have to find out for ourselves. So, I ordered one!

The cake is made by Prantl's Bakery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At 49.95, this was no cheap cake and, at 8"x 8"x 3", it is not big either. I was also a little worried about ordering a cake from so far away, but that was something about which I did not need to be concerned. I placed the order on August 2 and it was here by lunch on the 5th. 

I opened up the box and this is what I found inside. Looks pretty good, huh?


The moment of truth was finally here, but before I give you my honest opinion, here is something you should know. When I go to a wedding, I never get a slice of the bride's cake. I always head over to the groom's table. Why? If I am going to consume empty calories, I really want something besides a white cake. In my opinion, the groom's cake is almost always the more interesting cake. It is usually chocolate and I can't think of many things I like better than chocolate. Even if the groom's cake isn't chocolate, it is generally something tastier, spicier and more bold than a white cake with white icing, The bride may use some kind of fruity filling between the layers of her cake, but, for me, that usually doesn't trump what is likely to be on the groom's table. So, go ahead and color me skeptical about this cake right from the get-go. 


But it is a pretty cake and I do love almonds...especially sugared ones! Nothing else to do, but cut a slice and see for myself. The first thing I noticed was the custard filling in the middle. Oh, how I love a custard filling! Then I tasted it. 


Wow! This was the lightest, fluffiest cake I have ever eaten. Seriously, I have consumed many delicious cakes, but I have never had one as tender as this one. The delicate crumb combined with the sugary, toasted almonds, the creamy custard and the exquisite buttercream frosting was definitely a winning combination. Scott and the boys also gave the cake their stamp of approval. this the greatest cake in America? I'm not sure about that. There are so many more cakes to taste and many of them are chocolate. I will say, if I were going to choose a white cake, this would be my choice. It is definitely a mighty fine cake, even if it was made in Pittsburgh!

My foodie friend, Mary, tasted it, and she agreed with me. We are not able to go out on a limb and give it the greatest cake in America award, but we both thought it might well be the greatest white cake in America. Now Mary and I are on a mission to duplicate this cake at home. She is going to try to adapt a recipe she has and I am going to try my hand with a different recipe. Then we will compare and let you know the results, so stay tuned! The great cake debate continues!

In the meantime, you should order one for yourself, HERE. Go ahead! Shipping is free and you will not be disappointed.

I have received no compensation from Prantl's Bakery and they did not ask me to endorse this product. This review was strictly a result of my own nosiness and all opinions are mine alone.

Three Friends and a Fork
Three Friends and a Fork

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