Tuesday, August 11, 2015

La Palma, Mexican Seafood on The Plains

While we were enjoying our recent trip to Jimmy's at the Tracks, we spent some time talking food with our host. Of course we told him how much we were enjoying our meal. He, in turn, told us about some other nearby food establishments he liked. One of the places he mentioned was La Palma in Auburn. The thing that really caught my attention about La Palma besides the fact that it was obviously Mexican, which I love, was that it was seafood Mexican! If you have read anything in this blogging adventure, you are familiar with my love for fish and shrimp tacos. That is because they combine two of my favorite things: Mexican food and seafood. You know I had to check out La Palma!

I will confess that I have ridden by La Palma several times on my visits to The Plains and never given it a second thought. In fact, when I was googling a possible Mexican restaurant to visit, La Palma never even popped onto my radar (or my cell phone). I am really grateful to our host at Jimmy's for pointing us in La Palma's direction, because I am pretty sure I would never have checked it out otherwise. It is in a totally nondescript strip mall on the corner of Opelika Road and North Gay Street.

No sooner than we were seated and our drinks taken, our server brought us a tostada topped with ceviche, with a cup of salsa on the side. This was a different and fun twist on the usual chips and salsa and it was quite tasty.

We also had to try both versions of La Palma's tuna dip....smoked and spicy. Both were delicious, but this crowd almost always prefers spicy and this was no different. Not a problem, though. We just added some of the hot sauces on the table to the smoked version.

As far as our entrees were concerned, JD opted for his usual Mexican feast of shrimp and steak fajitas. He loves his Mexican food with a big citrus twist, so he really loved the big lime wedges La Palma adds to their plates. JD's fajitas came with the usual beans, rice, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and tortillas. As usual, he only concerns himself with the shrimp, steak and grilled veggies. The beans, rice, tortillas and other accessories go untouched. He loved his fajitas!

Rob's choice was a shrimp chimichanga with rice and beans. The chimichanga was huge and Rob had plenty to take home with him. 


Scott and I went with the suggestion of our Jimmy's host and ordered the La Palma shrimps. These grilled shrimp come swimming in La Palma's own spicy sauce on a plate with rice and salad. The sauce was good, almost like a grainy, mustardy gravy. So good, in fact, I found myself mopping the stuff up with my salad.

If you find yourself in Auburn with a hankering for spicy Mexican seafood, you should definitely give La Palma a look. The seafood is fresh and so are the zesty Mexican flavors. 

Three Friends and a Fork are happy to have found La Palma and thrilled to give it 3 Picante Yums UP! We will definitely be back!

Three Friends and a Fork
Three Friends and a Fork

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