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I have been so excited to get my hands on another Robert Bailey book…finally! It seems like it’s been forever since I finished the Bocephus Haynes series. I love that Bailey’s books are set in and around my home state, in places with which I’m very familiar. 

I was all prepared not to like the billboard lawyer, Jason Rich, in Rich Blood, but I have to say, the guy grew on me. And, since I’m from Marshall County, AL, the Guntersville setting is well known to me. As a foodie, I loved all the Alabama restaurants that served as gathering spots in the book. Most are in Guntersville, but not all. From Bridgeport in the north to Perdido in the south, food lovers can take a tasty trip along with Jason Rich. The list even includes a grocery store, Alder Springs Grocery. 

When Rich gets out of rehab in Perdido, immediately heads to Florabama (not a good choice for a struggling alcoholic) and then gets summoned back to his hometown of Guntersville to defend his estranged sister on a charge of murdering her husband, a prominent Guntersville doctor, the story is off and running. This book, like all of Bailey’s books, sucks you in from page one. It’s part legal thriller, part mystery and all exciting. 

While a couple of the restaurants included in the book, Fat Boys Bar and Grill in Bridgeport, and The Brick in Guntersville, have since permanently closed, all the others are very much still in operation. Some are old favorites (My rehearsal dinner when I got married was at the original All Steak in Cullman) and some are recent  discoveries (Just a few weeks ago I ate at The Old Town Stock House for the first time), others are completely new to me. Fractal Brewing in Huntsville and SaZa in Montgomery made my spidey antenna perk up. I’ve never been to either, but now I want to check them out for myself. 

In the meantime, Amazon Prime members can download a digital copy of the book right now, so what are you waiting for? North Alabama folks, head to The Docks at Goosepond in Scottsboro, or any of the other Guntersville dining options, and read Rich Blood as you enjoy seeing how Jason Rich navigates an unfamiliar challenge in all too familiar territory. 

Stay tuned to our Three Friends and a Fork and My Book Trips Facebook and Instagram pages and we will let you know about all the exciting book launch events coming up, from how and where you can meet Robert Bailey and hear him talk about Rich Blood, to all the places you can  get a signed copy of the book. #getrich 

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